Smirnoff Ice Drinks chiller.

The counter top drinks chiller that was required to cool 45 bottles of 'alcho pop' from room temperature to 3 degrees in 40 minutes.  This was a solo project presented to Diageo plc i.e. I was responsible for the concept, the development, the 6 prototype machines and the working drawings for production version.  The image is the CGI of production machine.

Closeup of the emerging chilled bottle

Nestle Yoghurt Machine

Lead Product designer on the Nestle "fruit and Yoghurt" dispenser.  The client had the idea of blending a bagged fruit concentrate and natural yoghurt in such a way as to produce different layering and patterns.

Responsible for all internal workings, styling and prototypes, including the design of sheet metal, injection mouldings, vacuum mouldings and refrigeration.

Prototype Nestle 'Fruit and Yoghurt' Machine

The Yoghurt mixing valve

A major component was the design of a special nozzle to blend the fruit and yoghurt.  The design of a hygienic, easily dismountable and with no moving parts, it formed a crucial  component in the overall design. (shown in glass to allow the client to see the various components and their relationship.