Dallara 2 Car trailer - This was a single trailer to carry 2 race cars, a workshop facility, engineers room and living accommodation on board a single unit.

Hydraulic rams and slides extend two pods from the neck of the trailer to provide a kitchen, seating and engineers area.  The lower deck holds the mechanics workshop whilst the upper deck converts to sleeping quarters when the cars are track side.

Finished Trailer

Solidworks Render of completed Chassis

Finished Chassis design shown with one of the pods extended.  This was the first project I worked on for the company and I was responsible for modelling and production drawings, some component ordering and onsite assistance to deliver the project

Internal Design - Finished interior showing seating, engineers, kitchen and living area.  Adapting ideas from the Kitchen design business, maximum space utilisation is essential.

Inside of Dallara Trailer

Luxury Living Trailer

A adaptation of the Dallara trailer but with much larger Pods to form 2 bedrooms and a living room that is large enough for two sofas.

the two hydraulic slide out pods are over 6m in length.  Sliding walls allow the formation of two bedrooms.  The rear of the kitchen area has a removable seating area to allow the loading of associated auto sport equipment.

External TV embedded into side of pod.

Using the sheetmetal features of Solidworks, a water resistant enclosure that was hinged at the top and supported on gas struts ensured the TV could remain in sitter at all times.

Internal seating area had built in umbrella holder with internal water collection system and drain to outside.

Gull Wing Hospitality trailer

Gull Wing - The Side of the trailer folds up , the floor folds out and the sidewall fold round on a gatefold system - on both sides.  The trailer seats 90 people and has a rooftop viewing gallery.   

This is the concept model that has now converted to an order.